New server upgrades for all webhosting clients

As of January 1st, 2018, all servers will be undergoing a transition as we move away from our previous server administration back-end service, and provision brand new servers using Moss.

Moss Logo

We have introduced Moss to our web-hosting workflow for several reasons, chief among those being more features that are more inline with our corporate vision.

What does Moss bring to the party?

Moss provides many of the same features we've come to expect from our previous provider, such as security upgrades, quick LAMP-stack provisioning, and server configuration.

But Moss also allows us to keep a better eye on our servers, so we can take any actions necessary to ensure smooth, consistent operation of all of our hosted websites. Before, this required the use of a third-party service.

They also provide SSL certificates for each website (which was a premium charge on our previous provider, and too costly to implement for each client without significantly raising our yearly web hosting fees), unattended server upgrades, HTTP/2 browser support, required SSH, faster deployment provisioning, expanded firewall management and security protocols, and integrated 24/7 server status monitoring. Top that off with fast, first-rate customer service, and anyone could see why Moss is a perfect fit for the Entoo family of digital web services.

Moss is now a vital piece of the Entoo web hosting workflow.

During this upgrade period, and due to the dynamic nature of our CMS, customers may experience very minimal service disruptions while we upload database and system files to our new servers. Usually, this process takes 15 minutes for most websites.