When asked what our Help Page should include, our programmer, Matt, suggested that we post something helpful. Here, we have included the most helpful links we could think of to help you get around the website, and maybe an explanation to some of our website's more mystifying features.

Get In Touch

If you'd like to contact us, visit our contact page. There, you will find our phone, fax, address, and a convenient online contact form.

404 & 503 Pages

You may have seen a strange page that told you that a page couldn't be found, or that the site was down for maintenance.

A 503 page means that we are working on the back-end of our website, and we'll be back up soon. Nothing to worry about there.

A 404 page, on the other hand, means that you've arrived at a page that's missing, or may have typed in the address wrong. If you were linked to a page and it's missing (trust us, you'll know if a page is down. It's very... colorful...) please use the contact form on the contact page and let us know. We'll try to fix things the best we can, and try to get you pointed in the right direction.

I have additional questions...

Please visit our FAQ section. There you will find the answers to many common questions that we get asked. If you don't see the question you'd like answered, the contact form is open 24 hours a day and waiting to take your queries.

Why does your site look like a rainbow barfed on it?

To make our website more dynamic, each of our pages has its own color theme and fonts selection. We find that it makes the site more fun and engaging, and also allows us to match themes with clients when we post to our Portfolio and Case Studies sections.

Also, we wanted our website to have juuuuuust the right amount of sass. Take that, society!