Inside the Creative Mind

How does watching the morning feeding of our CLO (Chief Lizard Officer), lead to watching a nature video??

As we watched the lizard eat his morning breakfast, all the while, making yum, yum, noises and narrating the mind of the lizard. I started laughing, thinking it would be funny to film him and then add our own audio commentary.

To which someone else says have you ever watched the nature video of the Chameleon?

I must say the animation in this is fantastic. I appreciate the hard work it took to create and it is funny!!! Always down for a good laugh.

We also watched another one like this but inappropriate to post here. Animation on this level is not one of the things we do here but we do appreciate the craft and the logistics it takes to make something like this. Sometimes in the mind of the creative it isn't always a straight logical line like accounting. It usually ends up looking something like: