Web Design and Programming

In today's competitive world, your online presence is vital to the life of your small business. You need a truly beautiful website to edge out your competition. We start each new website with a client interview and research to ensure that we reach the needs of your customers. After an initial round of mock-ups, we set to work on the hard stuff: the code.

Each new client gets their own virtual private server on a LAMP stack. We use the latest Ubuntu LTS server release, and all of our servers receive automatic updates, 24/7 monitoring, HTTP/2, and SSL Encryption Certificates. Each server is set up using industry best standards, and we go beyond simple passwords with full SSH authentication keys. You are never on a shared hosting platform, and you are never sharing resources with other websites.

From there, we install and configure a customized version of Craft 3, our preferred content management system. Craft allows us to setup websites in the way that's best for your website. Its easy to use dashboard makes adding content a breeze. Craft is under the hood of many high-end websites, such as the Associated Press, Oakley, Sales Force, Netflix, and more!

Entoo websites are all made by hand, based on a mobile-first framework. We will never charge for a separate mobile-only website, as mobile sites are built right into the code. Each website is designed to look beautiful no matter where it's viewed, phone, tablet, desktop, or web-enabled television! Reach your customers where they are.

All of our websites are hosted by Digital Ocean, Managed by Moss, and run on Craft 3.